Little Leaders: Bold Women in History

by Vashti Harrison

Ref: 15939

A hugely successful debut which came about following the author's 2017 Black History Month Instagram posts in which she illustrated a single African-American woman in the guise of 40 icons who determined the course of history. The result is an absolutely gorgeous and award-winning collection of portraits accompanied by brilliantly brief yet full biographies. 40 figures shine through, from the ones you might expect -Sojourner Truth, Ella Fitzgerald, Oprah Winfrey-to more unexpected figures such as Audre Lorde, Julie Dash, Angela Davis. And, while this New York Times bestselling author/illustrator has understandably stayed quite US-focused, there are some UK Stars included in the mix...and some very interesting ones at that: abolitionist/author Mary Prince; British Royal Navy sailor, 'Seaman' William Brown; singer Shirley Bassey; MP Diane Abbott; javelin thrower Tessa Sanderson. A very attractive and fascinating chunk of history which includes a cut-out Little Leaders Bookmark on the cover fold, a glossary, further sources -books, films & songs- and an 'Extra' double page gallery of Little Leaders (with additional UK icons: Fanny Eaton, Zadie Smith, Nicola Adams and Olive Morris). Age 7+, Paperback 90pp