Little Leaders: Exceptional Men in Black History

by Vashti Harrison

Ref: 15983

A companion to Harrison's Bold Women, this collection of 35 mini-biographies, while very Un-American-focused, does exactly what the author promises in narrating the "stories of exceptional men you don't often see in the mainstream". Side stepping the usual Greats (Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Barack Obama), Harrison instead zooms in on lesser known figures: James Armistead Lafayette, who spied on the British during the 1780s Revolutionary war; the late 19th century Deputy Marshall, Bass Reeves; the UK Social Reform Lobbyist, Harold Moody; UK activist, Paul Stephenson, famous for organising the 1963 Bristol bus boycott; more contemporary music icons such as Prince and Chuck D. As with Bold Women, the collection is immaculately presented- Harrison's trademark luminescent eyes-closed figures, an extra roll call of Little Leaders as an appendix (includes a nod to Stormzy), further book/films/albums and an illustrator's own guide to drawing your own Little Leader. Age 7+, Paperback 87pp