Little People, Big Dreams: Maya Angelou

by Lisbeth Kaiser
illustrated by Leire Salaberria

Ref: 2655

A highly illustrated biography of one of our greatest writers. From a cruel childhood of displacement, family violence and wider societal racism, we witness Maya Angelou's recovery- literally finding her voice again through reading the works of literary giants- and then her incredible triumph as an award-winning giant of literature herself. A gorgeous biography which felt very satisfying even to this adult reader. Would work for a wide age range; the concepts and ideas are 'mature' and sophisticated enough for ages 7/8+ while the content is made perfectly accessible through spare, yet wonderfully descriptive, text. 'I really enjoyed reading this book about a lady who believed she could do whatever she wanted. I loved reading this and would read it again' (Nicole, aged 11, LL reviewer). 'A great story about an amazing woman. We enjoyed reading this and it brought up lots of discussions about segregation and women's rights' (Polly and her son, aged 6, LL reviewers). Age 5-8, Hardback 26pp