Little People, Big Dreams: RuPaul

by Maria Isabel Snchez Vegara
illustrated by Wednesday Holmes

Ref: 16891

"Don't ever think we are born just to fit in a box, we are born to stand out" (RuPaul). Fabulous addition to the LPBD series. From a San Diego child channelling magic through dress-up, to a punk band teen in prom frock & army boots, to a 21-year-old Lower East Side drag queen, to makeup star, to pop star to, finally, the TV and radio creator and presenter we know today. A flamboyant tribute to a LGBTQ+ and drag icon, amidst some positive messaging about challenging gender stereotypes and bellowing out your uniqueness. The pages are, everywhere, draped in rainbow swirls and twirls. 'This book echoes a comforting message, spreading the idea that it is good/okay to be different...I hope children enjoy this book and the new ideas it brings' (Nicole, Teen Letterbox Library reviewer). Extra plus points for the Diana Ross cameo and the POC version of the Rainbow Flag. Age 5-8, Hardback 28pp