Little Red Riding Hood and the Dragon

by Ying Chang Compestine
illustrated by Joy Ang

Ref: 17113

"By now, you have probably heard the old folk tale about a girl in a red cape. She and her grandmother were gobbled up by a wolf and were rescued by a woodsman. The truth is that the tale took place in China, there wasn't a woodsman and I, the gentle wolf, certainly was not the one who ate them. Here is the real story..."

And so, in a village close to the Great Wall, we meet kung fu expert, Little Red, whose journey to see her Nainai (rice cake and herbal soup in hand) is rudely interrupted by ... a fearsome, yellow, whiskered dragon! Will this tale turn out any differently? And will we catch sight of a wolf at all?

By an American-Chinese author and East-Asian-Canadian artist. Motifs from Chinese culture and mythology are woven through with a helpful Author's Note to pull these all together (including an itemised list of things found in dragon's belly...) Age 4-7, Hardback 40pp