Living with Mum and Living with Dad

by Melanie Walsh

Ref: 13994

An affirming, child-centred, book for the very young about parental separation- with lift the flaps! Told from the child's point of view as she shows us her different bedrooms in each of her homes, events in which her parents still come together (e.g. the school play!) and her warm, extended (mixed race) family of cousins, aunties and uncles. 'Deals gently and effectively with a child whose parents live apart. The 'two homes' scenario is positively portrayed and offers a balanced/resolved separation where both parents care for their daughter and play a significant role in her upbringing' (Kate, Children's Centre Leader, Letterbox reviewer). 'A great starter for discussions about feelings. Well made and illustrated' (Debbie, Lecturer in EY Education, Letterbox reviewer). Age 3-6, Paperback 22pp