Looking for Lord Ganesh

by Mahtab Narsimhan
illustrated by Sonja Wimmer

Ref: 14636

"Anika missed Mumbai so much it was like having a constant toothache". Anika is restless in her new home. She misses her Granny, her friend Hadiya is being left out of her classmates' football team and then, it seems like it's her turn to be left out...In an effort to turn things around, Anika decides to turn to Lord Ganesh for guidance, emailing the god on her ipad. But, as it turns out, Anika may have reserves of untapped wisdom herself... 'A really brilliant and original moral tale brining Lord Ganesh bang up to date for a modern audience. Very cool book this!' (ReadItDaddy blog). A gentle look at friendships and exclusion, standing up for your own values as well as a rather nice introduction to the Hindu elephant god! (As an aside, a great representation of a girl footballer...or two...and there is a wheelchair-user on the same team.) Warm, sweeping illustrations which have the appearance of flittered sunlight! Age 4-7, Paperback 27pp