Luna Loves Library Day

by Joseph Coelho
illustrated by Fiona Lumbers

Ref: 15637

Luna enjoys her special weekly visit to the library. Mum drops her off and Dad is always already there, waiting, with his head in a book. Together they explore the stretchy Big Book section, the bug books area and a history book which describes the island dad grew up on. And then, together, they read a fairy tale -a genius addition of a book enclosed within this book- about a troll king and a mermaid queen who argue so much they decide to separate. An expansive book which manages to wrap up a story of family separation within a wider celebration of books, reading and libraries. A gorgeous ode to libraries and parental love (mixed race family). 'The whole thing is really beautiful and to be honest I did cry a bit...a beautiful book about a normal experience many children go through yet many people feel too awkward to explore or do so in a way that's too straightforward' (Josephine, teen reviewer for LL). Age 4-7, Paperback 22pp