Mama and Mummy and Me in the Middle

by Nina LaCour
illustrated by Kaylani Juanita

Ref: 16874

On Monday, Mummy, a film director, goes off on her work trip, leaving Mama and their child behind. She won't be back until Sunday. In between there will be school circle time, zoom calls, virtual hugs, library trips, food shops and movie nights. But there will also be grey skies, tears and a whole lot of missing. A very child-friendly, true-to-life yet soothing, picture book about a child's feelings in the face of a temporarily absent parent. Lavish spot art/full bleed illustrations cover the narrative in a glow of familial love. There are lots of fun details in the pictures such as the tiny night time racoons and the huge array of hairstyles in the classroom scene. Plus, some thoughtful inclusive details such as Chloe's neck brace, the shared hair bonnets/complex hairstyles of the protagonist and her Mummy, the film's Black female superhero, the child's Black doll. N.b.: Mama is White (with purple hair and multiple floral tattoos!); Mama is Black. Age 4-7, Hardback 30pp