Marv and the Mega Robot

by Alex Falase-Koya
illustrated by Paula Bowles

Ref: 17115

"Dear Reader... Marv is a superhero, and he looks like us and that's really cool. He's one of us".

Marv's creator grew up wanting to be a superhero. He had all the costumes. He knew all the comics. But he rarely ever saw superheroes who looked like him or his friends. Now, all grown up, that's about to change.

Meet Marv...Marv, not Marvin; raised by dad, when he's not doing shifts as a nurse; raised by Grandad when he is; discoverer of a superhero suit heirloom; powered by kindness and imagination; accompanied by sidekick, Pixel, who has "elevated excitement levels". Can Pixel and Marv get one over a cackling supervillain called Mastermind? An upbeat, super-powered, illustrated early reader with a simple, striking monochrome and blue pallet. By the winner of Spread the Word's 2019 London Writers Award. Age 6-8, Paperback 114pp



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