Mary and Frankenstein

by Linda Bailey
illustrated by Jlia Sard

Ref: 16695

"In that strange, lost time between wake and sleep, she has a kind of daydream. She sees a hideous monster, made of dead body parts, stretched out-and coming to life!"
An account of the life of the UK's very own Mary Shelley and, in particular, the famous ghost-story-swapping night she shared with her literary contemporaries... during which she began work on her very own creation: "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus". First published in 1818, Shelley's remarkable work of gothic fiction marked the origins of sci-fi fiction and birthed, arguably, the greatest fictional monster. And all this from a young 18-year-old woman in a world dominated by men. A lovely retelling with Sardà's watercolor-and-digital illustrations providing the perfect gothic moodiness. A picture book pitched at a slightly older and broader age range than usual. Will be a springboard for budding authors and illustrators. Plus -hello! English teachers!- it offers a tantalising trailer for reading Shelley's novel. Age 6-10, Paperback 42pp