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Can I Order As A Non-Member?
Yes, of course you can. However, there are absolutely no tie-ins with membership and only members can buy at the discounted prices/use our Themed Book Search facility.

Benefits of Membership
Membership is easy, relaxed and great value (£5!) Joining us as a member also means you are supporting us in promoting inclusive children's books.
**(Please note that membership will take a couple of days to set up and we are not able to process membership only orders. Membership orders need to be placed with your book order).**

Membership gives you:
- Discounted Prices on all of our books:
10% off any purchase under £500

15% off £500+ orders
For £1000+ orders, please contact us on 020 7503 4801
Members can also buy any of our bookpacks at the discounted members' price (varies from 12%-15% off; see individual bookpacks for details).
- Access to our Themed Book Searches
Only Letterbox Library members are able to click on the 'Themes' tab. We are famous for our specialisms, so being able to see our collection of books organised by theme is a very popular service search facility. Search for books on Bereavement or those showing Mixed Race Representations or books dealing with Family Break-Up.
- A Warm Glow least, that is how we hope you will feel! By joining us as a member, you are joining our Letterbox Library community. This means you are supporting the cooperative movement, independent bookselling and the not-for-profit social enterprise sector. It also means you are supporting Letterbox Library in our commitment -as well as demonstrating your own commitment- to advancing the principles of inclusion and equality.
*Important Little NB: please note there are absolutely- and we mean absolutely- NO ties-ins with membership of Letterbox Library. You only order what you want when you want it*.

All of those benefits and glow for a small annual fee of £5!

How do I become a member?
For just £5, you can become a member of Letterbox Library. You can become a member by ordering your annual membership online alongside your book order: simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button below. You can renew your membership in the same way. (Please note that membership will take a couple of days to set up and we are not able to process membership only orders).

Whether you are contacting us by phone, email, post or online, you are welcome to simply pay for membership and place your book order at the same time. Your discounts will apply immediately to that first order. If you are paying for membership at the same time as placing your book order online, please note that you won't see the discounted prices/discounted total at this stage. With this first order, we will however still apply the discounted prices at our end; you will only be invoiced and charged these discounted prices (even if you supply your credit card details). And, of course, the discounted prices WILL show up on subsequent orders you place with us.



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