My Mummy is a Plumber

by Kerrine Bryan & Jason Bryan
illustrated by Marissa Peguinho

Ref: 14624

Whether designing pipework on a computer, repairing leaking pipes or unblocking toilets, Mum the Plumber is on hand with her silver spanner, pipe cutters and big red plunger. A rhyming introduction to the joys of a career in plumbing. 'Great to see a strong female saving the day, with her son aspiring to be like her' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Officer, LL reviewer). 'I love the presentation of a manual occupation as something useful and worth aspiring to- which you often see with male protagonists in children's books but rarely with female ones- and I like that Mummy is a figure you would admire and want to emulate' (Mark Jennett, Equalities Trainer, LL reviewer). Age 3-6, Paperback 25pp



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