Navid's Story

created by Andy Glynne & Jonathan Topf

Ref: 14713

Based on the award-winning BAFTA animations produced for BBC Learning. Stills from the animations combined with the original personal testimonies of young refugees combine to create powerful and dramatic illustrated biographies for 'older' readers. This one tells the story of Navid, a Kurdish child whose father stands up against the Iranian government's regime and has his life threatened as a result. First, his father leaves the family home, then Navid and his mum have to flee as well. Their journey is dangerous, taking them across Italy, Slovenia, France and, finally, to an unspecified country (very much like the UK), a new home and a new school which offer all the challenges as well as comforts that sanctuary brings. Deceptively simple text which captures Navid's voice exposes complicated and painful stories for our times. This series offers a fantastic grounding for class discussions on refugees and asylum seekers. 'The authentic voice in the story is powerfully believable' (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, LL reviewer). Age 8-12, Paperback 29pp