Our Children Can Soar: A Celebration of Rosa, Barack and the Pioneers of Change

by Michelle Cook
illustrated by Cozbi A. Cabrera et al.

Ref: 2687

NAACP Image Award Winner

A brilliantly illustrated journey through the pioneers of African American and American History, presenting each change-maker as a successor launched by a previous, iconic, figure. It starts out with "our ancestors fought ...so George could invent...", then introduces us to a canon of heroes- including Hattie McDaniel/Jackie Robinson/Ruby Bridges/Thurgood Marshall- ending with Barack Obama and the words, "...so Barack could run. Barack ran...so our children can soar! And higher and faster and stronger they go." A simple message with contributions from 12 artists working in different mediums and with different techniques. With the extension notes offering mini biographies of the pioneers and of the present day artists, this works as a powerful political narrative, a simple introduction to key figures of the civil rights movement and as a stunning art book. 'A great resource with beautiful illustrations' (Nike, Social Worker, LL reviewer). Age 5-10, Paperback 30pp