Owl Bat Bat Owl

by Marie-Lousie Fitzpatrick

Ref: 16650

4 owls -a parent and 3 babies- snooze atop a branch. 4 bats -a parent and 3 babies- swoop in to hang below. Parent owl doesn't like the look of the newcomers and shuffles the flock along. But then comes a great gust of wind and a great big tumble down. Who will be saved? A simple, striking, wordless picture book about creatures (and people!) who are unalike sharing the same space in the world.

'Loved this. Everything about it made me smile- you could have a whole conversation about the birds' expressions. I love these wonderful picture books where you don't have to read English to enjoy it with children' (Patrice, YA/children's author, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'I love this. Completely accessible for kids with reading difficulties. A story told powerfully in pictures' (June, Parent, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-7, Paperback 29pp