Pattan's Pumpkin: An Indian Flood Story

by Chitra Soudnar
illustrated by Fran Lessac

Ref: 15031

Farmers Pattan and Kanni replant and nurture an ailing pumpkin which then grows and the time the rains descend and a storm threatens to wash them all away, the pumpkin is huge enough to act as a perfect escape vehicle for them, along with the local flora and fauna. Today, some of Pattan's descendents live in the same valley (the foothills of the Sahyadri mountains), nurturing and tending to their environment, which includes growing... pumpkins! A delightful story which originated amongst the Irular tribe from Kerala, Southern India and has been cleverly adapted here by Chitra Soundar. Complemented by Lessac's trademark bright palette and childlike block pictures. 'Lovely illustrations, brilliant storyline' (Nike, Social Worker, LL reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 24pp