Pea's Book of Best Friends

by Susie Day

Ref: 2471

"Really, Pea thought, there was no such thing as a normal family; just yours, and everyone else's". If 'casual inclusion' is your preferred mode of representation, then this series about Pea and her mates delivers on this flawlessly. Pea's upbeat, fun and chaotic world is peopled by a refreshingly humorous and three-dimensional lesbian couple, Pea's own diverse single parent family, some delightful little gender twists (through a set of boy/girl twins), socio-economic differences and mixed race characters. All are seamlessly woven into a story about transitions, belonging and families. Full of great substance, Pea would like you to know that "this book is not about mermaids". (1st in the series). PS: we're pretty keen on author Susie Day's website too! Age 8-11, Paperback 280pp

Themes: Lesbian and Gay, Families, Making Friends



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