Pea's Book of Holidays

by Susie Day

Ref: 13547

The fourth in the Pea series…and this reviewer's favourite! Pea's famous writer Mum has shifted from mermaid to pirate books but has suddenly been stumped by writer's block! Determined to help, an inspired Pea suggests a break at Corfe Castle. A delicious story of English summer weather, smugglers and holiday adventures is interwoven with a quite excellent, balanced, critique of Enid Blyton's work: "Enid would never have written a book about a family like Pea's". As always, Susie Day remains faithful to the world we live in, with a range of characters including Ryan who has hemiplegia and whose parents are separated. See our review of the first book in the series, Pea's Book of Best Friends. PS: do also check out author Susie Day's website! See our other Pea books! Age 8-11 Paperback 300pp