Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy

by Zanib Mian
illustrated by Nasaya Mafaridik

Ref: 16408

Omar, friend Charlie and reformed-bully-now friend (see the 1st in the series!) Daniel are gearing up for an Epic Nerf battle. All they need now is to get the cash together to buy themselves the necessary Laser Nerf Blasters. But when news flashes up on the local Whatsapp group that Omar's secret-smile mosque may have to close down, the children decide to divert their fundraising efforts towards a -woohoo!!- talent competition to raise the cash. The usual Omar-tinged mayhem and comedy ensue. The second in the 5-books series from Little Rebels Awards Winner 2018 (and UK British Muslim) author, Zanib Mian. A delectable series which never wanes in its humour, its gentle messaging and its dismantling of stereotypes of Muslim lives. Unexpected Super Spy delivers as expertly as the first! (Do look out for the treat of the multi-costumed girl, pp. 139-40, who wears an Iron Man costume under a Spider-Man costume under a Batman costume...!) Diary of a Wimpy Kid, to which Mian's work is often compared, has nothing on Planet Omar. For more details, see our listing on this website for the very first in the series, Planet Omar, Accidental Trouble Magnet. Age 7-10, Paperback 217pp