by Olly Pike

Ref: 14559

Jamie is super at fixing things, something her two older, meaner brothers are happy to exploit. And while they have their own personal fairy godmother to see to their every whim, Jamie is all alone...except for the odd friendly house mouse. When the local princess invites everyone to the Royal Ball, the brothers are quite clear that Jamie has no business going. But Jamie knows how to convert a pumpkin...and she knows how to stitch together a dj too. When she completes her disguise with a short, trendy haircut, Jamie looks in a mirror and suddenly feels...just right! Jamie has become Jamie and he's finally at one with himself. Off to the ball!...where he soon catches the eye of the princess. A very, very clever, smart and thoughtful book with a positive transgender protagonist which is pitched perfectly to young readers. 'There certainly aren't many books for younger children about transgender identities and this one is told very gently and sensitively' (Jayne, Primary Inclusion Manager). ''Liked this reworking of Cinderella and a great story' (Deb, EY Lecturer). 'There is real wit and joy to the storytelling. I like the way the gradual revealing of Jamie's identity is embedded in the main narrative, the subtle shift form 'she' to 'he'. It's very clear...but...there is a lot to think about apart from 'just' Jamie's identity' (Mark Jennett, Equalities Trainer). (All Letterbox Library reviewers). Age 5-8, Paperback 34pp

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