Princess Arabella's Birthday

by Mylo Freeman

Ref: 2784

It is Arabella's birthday but what do you get a princess who already has everything? Well, according to Arabella, you get her an elephant! But, the trouble with elephants is that they don't necessarily do what they're told...particularly when they're missing their home environment. What will Princess Arabella do with a mournful, weeping elephant? A delightful story with gorgeously fresh, bright and 'smudgy' illustrations, complete with nellyphant end pages! 'Fantastic illustrations, charming storyline' (Nike, Social Worker, LL reviewer). We can't get enough of this publisher, Cassava Republic. Dedicated to "changing the way we all think about African writing" they recently expanded their office base from Abuja, Nigeria to...London! Age 3-6, Paperback 26pp