Princess Arabella's Mixes Colours

by Mylo Freeman

Ref: 15041

Single-minded, restless, Princess Arabella is back, this time in a story which is also perfect for introducing colour mixing. Bored with the décor of her room, Arabella explores some other options by lavishly mixing up different colours. Lovely illustrations; the pages shine with splodges and platters and dollops of raspberry-ice-cream-pink and carrot-soup-orange. Children will enjoy joining in the repeated refrain, "I know what I'll do! I'll mix some (red), and some (white) in this pot. Stir it all up, and look what I've got!" 'Read this to my nieces who loved it and said, "we learnt about colour mixing in a fun story"' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Officer, LL reviewer). We can't get enough of this publisher, Cassava Republic. Dedicated to "changing the way we all think about African writing" they recently expanded their office base from Abuja, Nigeria to...London! Age 3-6, Paperback 26pp