Proud of Me

by Sarah Hagger-Holt

Ref: 16748

WINNER Little Rebels Award 2022

"Mum and Ima have always been clear: our family's nothing to be ashamed of, but nothing to draw attention to either. We're normal, just like everyone else. Some things are, well, not exactly secret, more private, to keep within the family. Just in case. In case of what, I've never been sure."

Becky and John are almost-twin siblings. They share the same donor and two mums, Ima ('Mum' in Hebrew) and Mum. Lately, Josh is finding it hard to resist an urge to track down his donor. Meantime, Becky is crushing out on Carli and starting to wonder about her own identity.

Told as a dual narrative, this is a coming-of-age adventure layered up with explorations on the meaning of family and young people's identities, including LGBTQ+ identities. The different experiences and understandings of growing up 'queer' and coming-out across the generations as lived by, first, Mum and Ima and then Becky are wonderfully rich. Thoughtful touches like the school setting up its first Pride group, the complex sexualities and gender identities this group embraces and its celebration of IDAHOBIT, alongside references back to the homophobic legislation of Section 28 and the very different levels of homophobia and 'acceptance' across a range of secondary characters, all demonstrate a knowing and thoughtful author. A great deal more nuanced than the 'standard' coming-out fare. (Plus…road trip!) By the writer of Nothing Ever Happens Here (which we also stock). Shortlisted for the 2022 Little Rebels Award. Age 9-12, Paperback 289pp


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