Queen Munch and Queen Nibble

by Carol Ann Duffy Poet Laureate
illustrated by Lydia Monks

Ref: 14545

"Queen Munch was big with cheeks as red as tomato ketchup. She had shining ginger hair which she wore in two plump pigtails like strings of Best Sausages. Queen Nibble was as tall and slender as a stick of celery. She liked to wear only pale colours so all her dresses were hung out to dry at night by the light of the moon". Who could resist the meeting of two such opposites? A sublime love story or a romantic friendship. Whichever way you read it, this story of two wildly different queens and their blossoming bond has the feel of a good old fashioned story with its fairy tale tropes, its clear chunky paragraphs of text, its capitalised Important Words ("Saturdays' Munching of the Breakfast", "Fairy Circle", "Big Dark Forest"), its dialogue full of exclamations and a crowd supplying the necessary ooooohs and aaaaahs. First published in 2002, now back in print and timeless with Monks' blissfully bright and bouncy illustrations. Duffy plays and twirls and spins with her words. Why did we have to wait so long for this to come back?! Delicious storytelling and a perfect read aloud. Age 5-9, Hardback 62pp