Queen of Physics

by Teresa Robeson
illustrated by Rebecca Huang

Ref: 16709

Subtitled, 'How Wu Chien Shiung Helped Unlock the Secrets of the Atom'. All hail the first person to prove beta decay and disprove the Law of Parity. Named 'Queen of Physics' by Newsweek in 1963, those aren't even the only Firsts from Chinese physicist, Wu Chien Shiung (1912-1997). Learn about this woman's incredible discoveries and her struggle to get these achievements recognised in a patriarchal field of work. 'Never heard of her before to my shame. This is a lovely book which will be an excellent one to use in school' (Fiona, School Librarian, Letterbox Library reviewer). A very attractive production with a brilliant glossary of physics geekery. Positrons and neutrinos, anyone? Hong-Kong-Canadian author and Taiwanese illustrator. Age 6-10, Hardback 41pp £12.99



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