Reflecting Realities Book Pack (Primary Key Stage 1 & 2)

Selected by Letterbox Library

Ref: RR01

The 'Reflecting Realities' Bookpack is a special book collection put together by the reviewers at Letterbox Library and endorsed by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (indeed their Learning Programme Leader is one of our reviewers!).

This bookpack is designed to showcase some of the best amongst the inclusive, representative titles Letterbox Library provides.

The bookpack will be especially useful for Primary staff in:
- promoting reading enjoyment and literacy by providing fun, inclusive, quality texts in which children can see themselves, their peers and their wider communities...thereby...:
- nurturing children's self confidence
- helping children from all backgrounds develop a strong, positive sense of identity
- encouraging mutual respect and social cohesion.

This bookpack includes representations of disabled heroes, girls and boys who break with gender stereotypes, diverse family set ups, people from a wide range of ethnicities, LGBTQ identities, refugee families. The bookpack will be regularly updated (at least twice a year) to ensure that it reflects children’s realities and so that we can continue to promote what we believe are some of the most exciting examples of contemporary, representative children’s literature. Because of the unique, ever-changing content of this bookpack, we have deliberately not provided an image of all of the books but the number of titles and prices below are correct. You are very welcome to phone for more details of the content.

Launched exclusively at Centre for Literacy in Primary Education 'Reflecting Realities' Conference March 1st 2017

21 Books

See individual titles for book information.
Members Price £150.00

**Suitable substitutions will be made if any title becomes unavailable**



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