Riding A Donkey Backwards: Wise & Foolish Tales of Mulla Nasruddin

by Sean Taylor & Khayaal Theatre
illustrated by Shirin Adl

Ref: 15920

Meet Mulla Nasruddin, a smart trickster, possibly based on a real-life 13th century figure and appearing in several guises across many different Muslim cultures. Both wise and foolish, brilliantly insightful and wonderfully silly, sometimes an imam, sometimes a judge, famous for riding his donkey backwards...or is he facing forwards and is it the donkey who is facing backwards?! A sprightly, snappy, fun-loving text is accompanied by witty collage pictures (Nasruddin's pointy, wispy, cotton wool beard is especially delightful). A hit with our young readers. 'Includes a lovely range of playful short stories. I really enjoyed the visual scene of different colours, textures and fabrics...a good insight into Muslim culture; helps us to learn kind values and traits' (Nicole, teen Letterbox Library reviewer). By a British-Iranian artist and an author who worked alongside Khayaal Theatre whose mission is to challenge assumptions about Islamic culture. Age 6-10, Paperback 42pp