Run, Little Chaski!

by Mariana Llanos
illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson

Ref: 17097

An Inka Trail Adventure by a Peruvian author, inspired by the messenger system used by the Inka in ancient times. Little Chaski takes a message made of rope and threads from the Queen in her palace all the way to the King at the temple. There are many obstacles along the way- a pesky road-crossing chinchilla, a drowning allqu, a trapped condor. Will Little Chaski manage to deliver his message before Tayta Inti/father sun sets?

A sprightly text incorporates Quechua words and, combined with illustrations inspired by Peruvian folk arts, introduce lots of fascinating regional landscapes and fauna. Typical of Barefoot Books, the backnotes provide a trove of additional knowledge: a glossary, information about the Inka, the Inka Trail and the role of chaskis/couriers; a map of the Inka Empire, an introduction to the South American animal stars of the story. 'A really charming story about Inka culture accompanied by vibrant and appealing illustrations' (Jayne, Primary Inclusion Manager, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 30pp



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