Run Wild

by Gill Lewis

Ref: 15912

"It's been our wild place, somewhere we haven't been told what to do or been marked by or graded by school. Even friendship hasn't been measured in the number of likes. It's been real". Izzy's dad has lost his job and her mum is exhausted from her shifts at the local supermarket. Escaping the tensions at home and the ever-present threat of local top dogs, the Skull brothers, Izzy and her friend, Asha, find the perfect outdoor patch to get in their skateboarding practise- a deserted gasworks. But they soon discover this patch of wilderness is already a home- to a wild and injured wolf- as well as under threat by developers. A narrative about so much: the lack of space for many children to play in and explore, the loss of wilderness, the need to re-wild our landscapes, the grip big business have over precious land resources. A perfectly accomplished 'reluctant reader' book, communicating a wealth of detail and thought in a sparse carefully considered text. Set in London amidst a working class community. Age 8-12, Paperback 106pp