Sam the Most Scaredy-Cat Kid in the Whole World

by Mo Willems

Ref: 15439

Sam is the most scaredy-cat child in the world: a drop of rain, a dog's wagging tail, a spider all reduce him to screams. Only his friend, Leonardo the Terrible Monster, fails to scare him. And then Sam meets Kerry. She is the second most scaredy-cat child in the world and is frightened of anything and everyone except for her own monster, Frankenthaler. When the two children meet , the air resounds with their eeeeeeeeks. Can they forge a friendship across the screams? We loved this picture book for its central friendship between a bespectacled boy (white) and a bespectacled girl (Black) in which they are equalised and there's nay a gender stereotype in sight! The minimal text stretches across and plunges down the pages in different fonts. A reduced and muted colour palette conveys a slight retro feel while the graphic, comic style keeps the book bang up to date . 'I really enjoyed this fun and quirky book; it manages to explore children's insecurities about making friends in a funny and reassuring way' (Kerry, Letterbox Library staff). By the award-winning author of the phenomenally successful Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Age 3-6, Paperback 40pp



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