Sand Between My Toes

written by Caroline Cross
illustrated by Jenny Duke

Ref: 17038

Just a scattering of words- but each one carefully plucked and polished up in a rhyming text. Illustrations which feel so immediate and tactile- the sand seems to kick up at you and the waves drift in... A family enjoy a day in a recognisably domestic coastal scene. Beach huts, lollies, sandcastles, chips and sauce and, even, a rain shower! Our reviewers loved this. 'Such a lovely book! The sparse, rhyming text is beautifully matched with illustrations which conjure all the senses that are alive to sea, sun and sand' (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Lovely rhyming and images, lovely mixed family. Lots to observe on each page with diversity of the surrounding people on the beach' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, Letterbox Library reviewer). N.Bs: one of the child protagonists wears leg splints; blended family; mixed race family. Age 3-6, Paperback 28pp