Scarlet Hood

by Mark Evans
illustrated by Isobel Lundie

Ref: 16270

Scarlet comes from an 'itchy feet' family so moving to Norway is no big deal... but she hadn't reckoned with her new school being home to Greta the Cruel, a mean menacing giant of a child. After tearfully spilling out her woes to her Grandma (helped along by a few marshmallows) Scarlet is sent back out into the world wearing a treasured family heirloom: a scarlet hoodie. The hoodie doesn't just hug her with happiness and hope, it time-travels her off to an ancient world of Vikings. Here, Scarlet discovers hidden reserves of strength which equip her back in the present. A highly original, fun and, insightful adventure of bullying overcome with a heart-warming resolution. (Graphic novel perfect for reluctant readers.) Age 6-10, Paperback 52pp