Sleeping Beauty: A Mid-Century Fairy Tale

retold by Lynn Roberts-Maloney
illustrated by David Roberts

Ref: 14863

A picture book lover's absolute delight! The story of sleeping beauty, recast and twisted and re-birthed as an extraordinary fairy tale for our times. The tale starts out in the 1950s with Annabel being raised by her two 'Aunts' (in fact, probably a [mixed race] same-sex couple). Absorbed in 1950s futuristic sci-fi pop culture, little does Annabel realise her own future is uncertain since green-eyed witch Morwenna (a Cruella de Vil spin off) has predicted her death on her 16th birthday, a curse converted by good witch auntie Flora into a long, long, long sleep. 1000 years on from the dreaded sixteenth, in a utopian future of flying saucers and smiley robots, a smart and fearless young (Asian) girl called Zoe discovers an ancient fable, Sleeping Beauty, in a quite magnificent towering library... and sets out to recue Annabel from her deepest sleep. Magical, feminist, visionary storytelling. Not a prince in sight- indeed, curiously, not a man in sight in either the mid-century nor the future world... 'I am besotted with this. The illustrations are quite breathtakingly beautiful and the storytelling is terrific. I love the synthesis of 'traditional' feminine values of nurturing and support with those of adventure and exploration to create a kind of feminist/queer utopia that anyone would want to live in. The language is elegant and the whole story brims with joy and hope' (Mark Jennett, Equalities Trainer/Consultant). Age 4-8, Paperback 29pp