Spacegirl Pukes

by Katy Watson
illustrated by Vanda Carter

Ref: 14533

It's back!! Yes, our favourite Spacegirl is back in print. Once again, Spacegirlr prepares to be launched into space, only to be gripped by nausea. Mummy Loula and Mummy Neenee rush to her side with hugs and a bucket but, oh no! Now Mummy and Mummy and even Trotsky the cat are brought down with the sickly bug. First published in 2005, Spacegirl Pukes has lost none of its charm and enormous child appeal. For every adult made queasy by the tiniest glimpse of a little 'puke', two more children are pulled into this wonderful technicolour-splatter adventure. A relatively early example of a children's books in which same-sex parents are included without fanfare and without an 'issue' to be sniffed out. It simply hasn't dated! Our customers have been asking and asking for Spacegirl to come back into print. It has kept its lovely large sized format; it simply hasn't dated and we couldn't be happier! Age 3-6, Paperback 25pp

Themes: Families, Lesbian and Gay



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