Starring Kitty

by Keris Stainton

Ref: 13471

Kitty is trying to keep things together, but her worries about her Mum's MS diagnosis and her giddy feelings for a girl with funky, purpley hair are threatening to take over... The first in a new series about a group of friends, Starring Kitty is a gentle story about first love. Perfect for an early teen/tween readership, the enormity of a first crush with all of its delights and confusions as well as all of its blushings and mumblings are brilliantly captured. All this is set within a wider context of friendship, school and growing up. Future books in the series will place some of the secondary characters in this book centre stage including Sunny (a rare Muslim protagonist) and Hannah. 'Loved this book! My daughter who is a school librarian also read it and loved it. Unusual to get a LGBT novel for this age range' (Lecturer in Education, LL reviewer). We agree. And such a positive, casual representation at that. Visit the author and find out more about the series at Age 11-14, Paperback 199pp