Super Duper You

by Sophy Henn

Ref: 16145

"Sometimes you are all twinkly, with frills and jewels and bows...And sometimes you are clanky, all fighty, bold and brave". A child wonders at all of the characteristics that make up their younger sibling- with real affection. From wearing their pants outside their shorts to being just a bit...polka-dotty?... the protagonist declares, "Be bold, be proud, be brilliant...a super duper you!" A rhyming, endlessly affirming celebration of individuality (and one delightfully free of any gender pronouns). 'This is a real celebration of difference, of being your authentic self and being able to be anything and everything you want to be' (Mark, Equalities Trainer/Consultant, LL reviewer). 'There's no one way to be in this exploration of childhood- just many different traits that come together to make everyone their own version of super' (Scottish Book Trust). Age 2-5, Paperback 29pp