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"I have been an enthusiastic Letterbox Library user for many years and still feel a thrill when I open the latest box of ordered books. This friendly team clearly take real pride in providing an excellent service at every stage with a prompt delivery and all enquiries are dealt with efficiently. The next delivery will be arriving soon - I can't wait!' (Karen Argent, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education & Care, march 2015).

"The [Books On Approval] service was great. It was so helpful to be able to buy good quality books so easily" (Linzi Severn, Acting Deputy Head, March 2015).

"We know we can rely on [Letterbox Library for] a good selection of books that look at diversity, cover all age ranges from picture books to teenage reads, and will include a few surprises because they come form alternative sources" (Sylvia Cummins, Schools Library Service, February 2015).

"As an EAL coordinator, I struggled to find books to reflect the vastly diverse ethnicities, cultures and ages at our school. I found myself flitting from one book company to another, trying to collate some sort of a collection to suit all classes (which was a painstakingly lengthy process). But thanks to Letterbox Library I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. If you are looking for a bespoke service to provide you with any range of texts, delivered to your desired location, all quick and stress free, then I would definitely recommend Letterbox Library!" (Kirtui Nursimloo, EAL coordinator, November 2015, on using our Selection Service).

"Thank you for providing a valuable service, which has given me a wider choice of books than that which I have been able to find where I live" (Joan, Under-5s Group, N. London), February 2016).

"Very many thanks, on behalf of the grandchildren, for the lovely collection of books you sent. There's a lot of choice and none duplicating existing books…we liked the grandparents one with the Desmond Tutu foreword!" (Neil, Grandfather of 2, February 2012).

"I only wish I could give you an award. You will never really know how making these books available has changed both adults' and children's lives. When people are trying to change the world and make it more understanding and tolerant they must feel stronger and less alone with these as a resource. You are brilliant. Very well done" (Fee, Individual, January 2012)

"This is the only catalogue I genuinely look forward to receiving and reading. You always have something new- and things I haven't seen- and I know I can be confident the books will be good quality and relevant. Happy, Happy Birthday." (Susan Smith, Stockport Schools Library Service, rec'd 04/07/08).

"Always an excellent selection and great to know that whatever I order will be enjoyable and suitable for the age and stage stated- unlike other book clubs." (Mrs A Scott, Childminder, rec'd 03/07/08).

"I am a foster carer and Letterbox Library has helped me to successfully explain to the children I care for what foster care means. I have also been able to move children on to adoptive parents, in turn enabling them to have a happy and safe childhood." (Dawn Clements, Foster Carer, rec'd 04/07/08).

"To all at Letterbox Library,
Finding genuinely inclusive books is a colossal challenge which you rise tirelessly and consistently to meet. You showcase books that reflect society as it really is (and should be in all books), promoting equality, celebrating diversity, meeting different needs and raising the bar for other books. I would be lost without your catalogue, website and indefatigable staff." (Alexandra Strick, Freelance project manager and Booktrust consultant, rec'd 21/07/08).

"Letterbox Library opens minds, young and old, to visions and possibilities yet undreamed. Thank you everyone!" (Angela Horton, individual, rec'd 02/07/08).

"Letterbox books create a world of possibilities for all children and teenagers. The pictures and stories give answers to the questions that children all too often won't ask out loud. The age appropriateness of all level books is wonderful." (M Finch, individual, rec'd 07/07/08).

"Thank you Letterbox Library for having such a good range of books because I'm always buying lots of the books for presents that I give out to my workplaces. I work with babies and children in nurseries and other settings. The books I get are so inspiring because they capture so much about a range of disabilities. This helps children to think of disabled children and adults as equals. I have Down's Syndrome and all the children I work with have all benefited from me being an equal and positive role model" (Kitty Gilbert, individual, rec'd 09/07/08).

"Letterbox Library is the first pace I look when wanting to buy books for children to read, have fun building imagination, learn about the world or need help with understanding personal difficulties." (Mary Butler, individual, rec'd 08/08/08).

Authors and Illustrators

Sent on our 25th Anniversary...

"Letterbox Library has a glorious record of providing books for children that celebrate our cultural diversity along with books that point us in the direction of how the world could be a fairer place. Ideally, every school and playgroup in the country would be using Letterbox Library's catalogue if for no other reason than to balance the mass-market book club catalogues and book fairs which do not serve the reading needs of all children. Here's wishing all the very best for the next 25 years." (Michael Rosen, dictated over phone 08/05/08).

"Happy 25th anniversary to Letterbox Library! It's vital that someone should support a wide range of children's books, so that each child can find the book that's right for him or her. So carry on the good work! Here's to the next 25 years…" (Tony Bradman, rec'd 19/05/08).

"Dear Friends: Happy 25th Birthday to people who love books and who love to encourage other people to love books. It's a real honour to have my work included in your catalogue. Congratulations on a quarter of a century of spreading joy and knowledge and bringing us all closer together." (Deborah Ellis, rec'd 16/05/08).

"Letterbox Library finds the best books from all over the world. Books which reflect readers' real lives as well as books which allow readers to see themselves in all sorts of fantastic stories. Here's to another 25 years! Congratulations from Catherine Johnson." (Catherine Johnson, rec'd 13/05/08).

"Letterbox Library is 25 years old, I thought it was older. I thought it had been here since the beginning of time. Maybe it's because I can't imagine what life would be like without it, especially for all those young people whose lives have been enriched by the great service they provide. This is the kind of organisation we can be proud of, a co-operative that is run by people motivated by nothing else but bringing joy and positive learning to our young. Happy Birthday, Letterbox, and may you keep spreading the words for as long as we need words. By my reckoning that's forever." (Benjamin Zephaniah, rec'd 12/05/08).

"It's a huge pleasure to congratulate Letterbox Library. In the years since this wonderful venture began, so many children have at last been able to find those vitally important 'books about me', and as a result all our horizons have become wider and brighter. So happy 25th birthday! You deserve it." (Anne Fine, rec'd 15/05/08).

"Dear Letterbox Library: So you've reached 25 years! That's 25 silver stars for a great organisation- quietly changing lives by introducing young people to the delights of the written word. Oh, and stunning illustrations too, of course! May you keep on with this vital, joyful work for years to come." (Bel Mooney, rec'd 30/05/08).

"Dear Letterbox Library, Happy Birthday! And thank you so much for spreading the word that reading is just the best fun. Good luck for the next twenty-five years." (Elizabeth Laird, rec'd 19/06/08).

"For twenty five years Letterbox Library has been doing what I passionately believe in- enabling ALL children, not just to lose themselves, but also find themselves in the pages of a good book.
Happy Birthday, dear Letterbox!
Happy Birthday to you!
Carry on doing
The brill work you do!"
(Julia Jarman, rec'd 02/07/08).

"Happy 25th birthday Letterbox. Thank you so much for selling my books! Here's to the next 25 years!" (Trish Cooke, rec'd 17/07/08).

"If Letterbox Library didn't exist, someone would have to invent it. And that's exactly what happened 25 years ago, when two single mothers invented this invaluable resource. I'm so proud that so many of my titles have appeared in their catalogues. Happy Birthday and many more of them!" (Mary Hoffman, rec'd 21/07/08).

"Happy Birthday to you Letterbox Library and well done! It's always a relief to know that out there people are thinking about good, useful, exciting, imaginative, ways to get children thinking and developing. As a mum of a disabled and a mainstream child, Letterbox offers me a shortcut to books I'd probably never find, that offer much to both my children- and as an illustrator whose work is in the catalogue: thank you for continuing to refer to my work as "enchanting". I enjoy reading that every time! (I'm determined to take it personally). Love Sophia xx" (Sophie Herxheimer- illustrator Tales Told In Tents, rec'd 03/07/08).

"I can't believe Letterbox Library is 25 years old! Happy Birthday to you! I can still remember the first time I was invited to read my first book there. Clutching A Is For Africa and feeling very nervous, I was soon put at ease by the wonderful people there. Letterbox Library is a Library with a difference; driven by a passion for books. It was promoting high quality multicultural books long before it became fashionable to do so. Long may you reign!" (Ifeoma Onyefulu, rec'd 16/07/08).