The 5 Misfits

by Beatrice Alemagna

Ref: 15771

Meet The 5 Misfits, a happy band of creatures who live happily together in their snug little home. One of them is punctured, one is folded, one is feeble, one is upside down and one is simply "a bundle of oddities". They are a happy band of creatures, living snugly together in a lopsided house...until they are visited by a stranger, the Perfect One, who is appalled by their good-for-nothingness. Will he mend their ways or will they mend his? ... An incredibly beautiful book in its art work and a extraordinarily wise book in its messages about uniqueness and individuality. 'A quirky take on difference; lots of subliminal messages- positive ones' (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, LL reviewer). 'Themes of social acceptability, friendship, contentment and joy which can open up conversations about "misfits" without perpetuating stereotypes of them' (Darren, Teacher & Higher Ed. Tutor, LL reviewer). Age 4-9, Paperback 34pp