The Ammuchi Puchi

by Sharanya Manivannan
illustrated by Nerina Canzi

Ref: 2846

"Ammuchi's mouth was always stained with betelnut juice, so she looked like she had been drinking blood. When she laughed, her teeth looked like she had brushed them with chilli powder. Ammuchi laughed a lot". Aditya and Anjali adore their rather off-beat grandmother, Ammuchi; they especially like listening to her magical ghost stories. When grandma dies, the family is bereft. But then, in the middle of their mourning, a mysterious orange butterfly begins to make a regular appearance, fluttering on Anjali's nose, dropping gentle kisses on her face... Anjali swears the butterfly is her grandma come back with an important message for them. A magical, soothing story by an Indian author with illustrations so bright they seem to have drained the entire colour palette! 'Such a lovely story. I like the implicit acceptance of death and sadness but the richness of memory' (Eileen, Former Teacher, LL reviewer). 'Stunning and vibrant illustrations and a wonderful story' (Jayne, Primary Inclusion Manager, LL reviewer). Age 6-9 Paperback 29pp.