Barefoot Books Children of the World

by Tessa Strickland & Kate DePalma
illustrated by David Dean

Ref: 14628

"Every morning, millions of children open their eyes and start another day" ...And so begins this encyclopaedic, panoramic introduction to children from around the world: their homes, their diverse families (including same-sex parented and foster families), their different languages (including sign language), clothing and costumes, favourite games, special days, different faiths. A UNICEF-endorsed celebration of our global diversity, commonality and interconnectedness, nicely summed up in the text, "Every life is a story. It's easier to understand someone when you know their story." It is impossible here to summarise all the areas of diversity covered, so do please take our word for this being one of the most inclusive books we know! For example, simply the range of disabilities 'casually' shown (eye patches, shortened limbs, children with Down's syndrome) is unusual for picture books. Fantastic back notes extend out from each double page spread with a wealth of factual information. Younger children will be engaged by the simplicity of the core text while older children can think around each topic with the detailed extra notes. 'Barefoot books are always so amazing. Very inclusive, lots to talk about' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Officer, LL reviewer). 'Something of interest for everyone' (Maggie, EY Advisory Teacher, LL reviewer). Age 3-8, Paperback 65pp