The Bread Pet: a sourdough story

by Kate DePalma
illustrated by Nelleke Verhoeff

Ref: 16371

Uncle JB has stopped by on his way out West. He asks Cora (and her mums) to look after something for him while he's away. Is it Poquito the pet goldfish? No! It's bread...and it's alive... it's a Bread Pet! JB leaves careful sourdough-goo-care instructions (except the part about keeping it in the fridge.... Soon, the sourdough grows and grows. In just days, there are mini bread pets bubbling all over the household. Eventually Cora, Mum and Mama not only end up having to turn bread bakers, they end up needing to distribute Bread Pet's offspring at the local community centre. A soulful story of family, community and artisan bread with a dash of multiplications and a sprinkle of science! Funny and gloopy! Obligatory Bread Pet and Bread recipes included in the back pages. (Mixed race household; protagonist wears two hearing aids). Age 4-7, Paperback 30pp



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