The Bus is For Us!

by Michael Rosen
illustrated by Gillian Tyler

Ref: 2522B

Children let you know about all their favourite mode of transport, ranging from trains to horses and giant fishes to flying bears! But every single one of these is outclassed by... the bus! And so, every few pages, and here is the compulsory joining-in bit, the characters shout out, "But best is the bus. The bus is for us!"

This is trademark Michael Rosen: the playfulness of the language is utterly infectious. The simple rhymes really beat along, making this a great read-aloud. The large soft illustrations and format call out for this book to be held up for everyone to see. And bursting with warm, diverse representations, a great many children will spot toddlers like themselves in this book; there are even a pair of twins!

'Wow. What a lovely book. Great rhymes and gentle, fun illustrations' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Officer, LL reviewer). Age Birth to3 Paperback 24pp



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