The Can Caravan

by Richard O'Neill
illustrated by Cindy King

Ref: 17247

Longlisted Little Rebels Award 2023

Janie lives with her Grandad and Mum in a caravan in a settled Traveller community. A keen learner, she's caught the engineering bug off her grandad's oldest friend, Mrs Tolen. So, when environmental health says they're not sure Mrs Tolen's caravan is still a safe environment for her, Janie is quick to initiate a major repair project, galvanising her classmates into joining her.

By an internationally acclaimed storyteller who was himself raised in a Romani Gypsy family. Foregrounds recycling and upcycling as themselves key Traveller traditions and "celebrates the traditional Traveller virtues of resilience, adaptability, loyalty and independence" (Child's Play website). Threaded through with Romani terms (see the glossary on the inside page!) from "chavvie" to "vardo". "Jam-packed with relevant information about Romani travellers" (Jayne, staff and Inclusion Manager, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 30pp