The Colour Thief

by Andrew Fusek Peters & Polly Peters
illustrated by Karin Littlewood

Ref: 14135

One of Letterbox Library's favourite illustrators joins forces with the very popular Peters team. "My Dad's life was full of colour. ..But one day, Dad was full up with sadness, all the way to the top. He said his sky had turned grey." A child's perspective of their parent's depression as it threatens to take over. This excellent description of mental health problems also brilliantly captures a child's anxiety, loneliness and their overwhelming guilt when faced with a parent in pain. Enhanced by evocative language ("Months were stretchy like chewing gum...") and Karin's wonderfully expressive illustrations, this is a hugely empathetic and sensitive treatment of an adult's struggle with and recovery from a period of depression- with a concerned child looking on. 'Very sensitively handled- some great figurative language' (Jayne, Primary Inclusion Manager, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Much needed. Positive/reassuring resolution. Great illustrations.' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Commissioning Officer, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 6-9, Paperback 24pp

Themes: Mental Health, Families



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