The Copper Tree

by Hilary Robinson
illustrated by Mandy Stanley

Ref: 2708

When Mr Banks tells the children that Miss Evans is unwell, they all get together to make her a giant Get Well card. She, in turn, manages to attend their school play, even though she is quite weak, turning up in a wheelchair and with her head covered by a sparkly scarf (suggesting chemotherapy). When Mr Banks finally tells the class that Miss Evans has died, we see the children encouraged to explore their different feelings and to share their very best memories of Miss Evans- ultimately immortalised in a home made copper tree, installed by the caretaker in the entrance hall, with leaves for memories made by the children. A difficult subject treated with a great lightness of touch. Both the illustrations and text are full of warmth, comfort and even, a gentle humour. 'This book made me cry and chuckle. Moving and caring. Opens the door to questions and discussion in a sensitive and thoughtful way' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Officer, LL reviewer). 'What a wonderfully sensitive book. It was also so practical and contained a wonderful idea which could be copied. It feels warm and safe' (Elaine, Foster Care Associates Liaison Officer, LL reviewer). 'A very powerful and moving book which shows the value and importance of good teachers in children's lives. Very gentle and inspiring' (Cariad, Theatre Lecturer, LL reviewer) (n.b.: one of the children, Barnie, wears a hearing aid). Age 4-7,
Paperback 26pp