The Deepest Breath

by Meg Grehan

Ref: 16405

Stevie knows a lot of things. About a lot of things. Including about herself. But one thing she doesn't know is the "something funny", the "fizzy feeling" that overcomes her when she looks at her friend, Chloe. A dreamy stream of free verse details the anxiety and then the realisation and the joy as Stevie recognises her shifting sexuality. A sensitive exploration of identity and anxiety by an Irish, award-winning author. So very well pitched to a middle grade, pre-teen, reader. 'What an amazing book- on so many levels. The narrative style and layout make the reading fast and easy; the characters are so well drawn. Perfect- understandable, life affirming for so many young people' (Elaine, Foster Care Associates Liaison Officer, LL reviewer). Age 9-14, Paperback 156pp