The Extraordinary Life of: Freddie Mercury

by Michael Lee Richardson
with b&w illustrations by Maggie Cole

Ref: 16898

From Zanzibar to Middlesex, UK; from Farrokh Bulsara to Freddie Mercury; from The Hectics to Queen; from shy boarding school music geek to operatic-pop lead vocalist...a biography of the truly mercurial Freddie, the enormous vocal talent behind rock band Queen which dominated the charts from the mid-1970s and throughout the next two decades. An accessible text broken up with, 'Top Hits' stars, glossary boxes, bold quotes, and 'Did You Know?' pauses. The story of a British bisexual icon of colour (and also a refugee). Celebrate Bisexuality Day takes place in September as a tribute to Freddie. He is also recognised for bringing public attention to the AIDS crisis during a climate of heavy prejudice. A useful back section includes a timeline and suggested discussion points, including the development of LGBTQ+ rights. Author Michael Lee Richardson also works in film & TV and, as a youth worker, set up Trans Youth Glasgow. Age 8-12, Paperback 118pp