The Frog's Kiss

by James Mayhew & Toto

Ref: 17287

SPLOSH! A book of fairy tales falls into a pond. A curious frog takes a peek, wonders, "Who would want to kiss a frog like me?" and dreams of meeting someone who will make his heart skip a beat. A long quest for a princess begins, leading, finally, to a castle with sumptuous gardens and -Hurrah!- a pond, complete with comfy lily pads. Soon, some twirling princesses emerge from the castle and, also, a young prince. Will frog get his kiss and will it make his heartbeat flutter?

'The Frog Prince reimagined for a more inclusive world, where kisses can bring out rainbows' (Fen, Letterbox Library staff). 'A sweet story about finding love wherever it comes from' (Deborah, Lecturer in EY Education, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 26pp