The Ghosts and Jamal

by Bridget Blankley

Ref: 15710

Shortlisted Little Rebels Award 2019

Set in Nigeria, this tells the story of Jamal who survives a terrorist attack in his village only to be left alone in a world stricken by conflict and poverty. Rejected by his community for his "bad spirits" (his epilepsy), now a sole survivor, Jamal seems destined to be marked out by those around him as 'different'... but now Jamal is ready to forge his own heroism through a journey which also shines a harsh spotlight on an ignorant and exploitative adult world. "A powerful book which explores the impact of war on children, and holds up a mirror to violence-driven societies everywhere" (Catherine Barter, reviewing for the Little Rebels Award website). Age 11-16, Paperback 219pp